Charlie Atkins Otherwise known as “Charlie Mayne” was born in indio California.
ThCharlie Atkins Otherwise known as “Charlie Mayne ” was born in indio California.
Throughout his childhood Charlie dealt with a lot of changes moving place to place
between LA and IE areas such as south central, san bernardino and riverside county.
One thing Charlie knew for sure was that he had a talent for music in hip hop and r&b, and
that talent followed him everywhere he went. Having grown up in the system between
foster care and a juvenile, Charlie still had a belief in the back of his mind that he can
take his talent further if he focuses hard enough. Not only was not having a family a
disadvantage but an area filled with crime and poverty had a huge impact on kids his age. By
2012 Charlie graduated from an alternative High school. This is
when he knew it was time to kick his dreams into action. Charlie then moved to the east
coast where 3 years later he found himself signed to an independent label. Touring and
performing all over the east coast Charlie repped up quite the buzz for himself opening
for large acts and hosting shows with his friends in communities throughout the New
England area. In 2020 Charlie wanted to kick it up a notch with his creativity. Being that
he was from the West coast he felt like he needed to really tap into his roots and show
how different he really is to the game by bringing it with GFUNK/ FUNK and strong west
coast style rapping and beats. Alongside with his producer Phoelix Nynes they hope to
one day spread their story and music across the world.
throughout his childhood Charlie dealt with a lot of changes moving place to

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