Isa Nahila S is the CEO and co-founder of the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop connexion website and movement. She studied Literature (Classic and contemporary – French, British and American), philosophy, languages and linguistic and graduated from the Paris University – Sorbonne Nouvelle in France.

The idea of the International Underground was born few years ago while she was still living in North America and promoting around for K-Rim a Morocco-Canadian underground Hip Hop artist working with Dabridge Productions. The concept took place in her head in 2011 with at first a simple promotional Hip Hop platform group on facebook that is now reaching out 29 000 members worldwide.

She met up with Fix Meister a professional webmaster and a great Hip Hop head in the Netherlands in the end of 2014 and they decide to unite their skills and energy into the building of the current website, which aim is to offer a serious and strong international platform for either famous artists (in order to keep teaching the roots of Hip Hop to the youngest readers on the site), but also to more underground indie artists with really deep lyrical and technical skills.

Isa Nahila S is deeply involved within the Hip Hop movement as she is also the Public Relations Director for Hell Razah Music Inc. & Ghetto Government Officials the independent record label and the movement of the Sunz Of Man emcee Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah.

She has been as well the Public Relations Manager for Darkstarz Records (DSR) and is especially of the label’s Leader, the emcee Caper from the Bronx. Finally she works with Mr Funke from the Lords Of The Underground as a European underground Hip Hop promoter for is new solo career.

Nowadays she is the Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for the label Inlighten Music Group.

Isa is one of the main writers on the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop connexion website, and its promoter as well.

You can reach out to her to submit your music by emailing at isa@promote.hiphop

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Also going by the name of Captain Hal (Halriasa) the Fix Meister is the CFO of the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop connexion and the IT Director of Ghetto Government Official and Hell Razah Music Inc., the movement and label of the Sunz Of Man and Wu affialiate Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah.

Fix is also webmaster of course of the Intl Underground and the Official IT Lead for Darkstarz Records.

He is official webmaster for (to name a few):

Hell Razah / hellrazahdigital.com
Queen The Prophet (QTP) / queentheprophet.com
Dj Lord Jazz (Lords Of The Underground) [LINK]
Mr Funke (Lords Of The Underground) (Under construction)
Moon Crickets (the group of Killah Priest, Dj Mercilless and Lord Fury) [LINK]
Darkstarz Records / DSR:

Starrlight (Under construction)
Juxx Diamondz [LINK]
Back 2 The Real Hip Hop [LINK]

The Fix Meister is building business development websites at very fair prices (not only for the music community) so if you have a budget and want to push up your music you can email him for info at info@promote.hiphop

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